Brazilian artist exploring the colorful worlds

Hello, I’m Cajuca, I’m from Brasilia, Brazil, and I’ve been venturing into the world of digital art since 2015. “Cajuca” is a play on words “Caju” (cashew apple, a native fruit from Brazil) and “Juca” (my name). I have been interested in psychedelic art since 2012 and I have as great inspiration the works of Larry Carlson, Mark Henson, James McCarthy, Mr.Babies and Indg0, just to name a few. My journey as an artist started as a hobby and today it’s my full time job. I love to work with landscapes, adding intense colors and surreal patterns. The choice of landscapes, especially scapes with trees, roads and deserted places are my favorite scenarios to work with.

Over the years I have collaborated with brands and artists from around the world like Casetify, Infinite Objects, Yellow Images, Fumaçonica, Griz, Morgxn, and many more. My main projects revolve around the launch of my holographic series and fine art prints. In my future projects, I intend to launch my lenticular prints and work with blacklight painting. Currently, I’m graduating with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts to better develop and articulate my work, and I’m also taking a graphic design course to improve my skills.

Feel welcome here and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for a custom piece, inquiries or just say hi 🙂